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Cash for Junk Cars, Nashville is the place to go to sell that old, damaged car that you have been trying to get rid of for ages. Your problem has just been solved. To put it simply, CJCN buys any kind of vehicle you would like to sell.

Luxury cars
Damaged cars
Wrecked cars
Junk cars
Scrap cars
Old cars
Cars without transmissions
Cars without engines

Yes, CJCN will take anything you want to get rid of in the automotive line. But, you might ask, how do I get the car to CJCN? No worries, CJCN will come to your location and tow away the vehicle you want to sell. Best of all, there is no charge for the pick-up. That’s right; you heard correctly, the towing is free.

Everyone knows how this situation begins. It usually goes a little something like this. You pass down the family car to one of your teenagers who has just gotten a driver’s license. That teenager uses the car through high school and college. He graduates, and wants to get a real car of his own, not that clunker he’s been driving for five years. Whatever trade-in value his clunker might have had earlier in its life has long since been sacrificed to new driver fender benders, lack of oil changes, and letting roommates borrow the car for Spring Break. Now, he’s just going to have to park that jalopy in your back yard, until he can have the time to sell it. Guess what? It now has been five years since he said that, and the car is still in the back yard. The neighbors are complaining about the eyesore. The city has said they will issue a fine unless the car is removed, pronto. The kids in the neighborhood have taken to using the car as a hiding place when playing tag (can you say law suit?). The time has come, but who do you know who has a tow truck? And, if you did have a friend with a tow truck, where would you take it? So, you Google the question and call.

“Hello, is this Cash for Junk Cars, Nashville?”

“Yes, it is.”

Do you buy early model Jeeps?”

“Yes, sir, we do?”

Oh, great. Well, how do I get it to you?”

“Oh, sir, we come and pick it up.”

“You do what? That must be expensive!”

“No sir, the towing is on us.”

“”Do I have to pay you to take it off my hands?”

“No sir, we pay you.”

You faint.

What’s stopping you, go now.


"This company immediately responded and bought my car within hours from the time I called them. They did what is promised over the phone, I will recommend you to all of my friends and family."

Good job! Jourdan